The different tow truck types

When talking about towing truck, you may have the interest in being familiar with the different type of tow truck and their uses. If it is right, See our website. There are many types of vehicles designed for towing. Of course, they are used for the different purpose and offer the specific set of benefits. So, what should you do when it comes to hiring towing service? Make sure you will get the one that is suitable for you.

Have you ever heard about flatbed tow truck before? This is known as one of the most common and used towing vehicles in the world. It has a long empty bad with a flat top. You can simply drive your car up the ramp or have it pulled up. Those who have a roadside problem can hire towing company to hire such this tow truck type to transport their vehicles. Other types are integrated tow truck, hook and chain tow truck, and the wheel-lift tow truck.