Treatment Steps of Erectile Dysfunction

The prolonged erectile disorder can affect damage to the relationship with a partner, also complicate the process of descent. To overcome this will require treatment in accordance with the underlying cause. You can also do Trimix injections for erectile dysfunction as a way to deal with erectile dysfunction.

Doctors will first find out what caused it through a series of questions and tests. If the cause is known, then the treatment begins step by step. Starts with minimally invasive treatments, for example with drugs. Among others, changing drugs, overcoming hormonal disorders with specific drugs, or giving drugs that can help overcome the physical conditions that cause erection problems.

In addition, doctors can also advise consultations to psychologists if considered erectile disorders are psychological for example due to stress or depression. If the doctor feels needed, the use of a vacuum or implantable device on the available penis will be offered to you. Do not panic when you or your partner is experiencing erectile disorders. Immediately consult your doctor about the condition. Also discuss the possible causes, as well as the best solution to overcome them. Mutual support can be part of the solution to this problem.

Male sexual desire is a complicated process involving the workings of the brain, muscles, emotions, blood vessels, hormones, and nerves. Erectile dysfunction, aka impotence, can be caused by problems associated with these things. Stress and other mental health issues can also cause or worsen erectile dysfunction.

Reported by the Health Line, it is estimated that about 50 percent of men aged 40-70 years experience indications of erectile dysfunction throughout his life. The risk of impotence will increase with age. In addition, medical records also report that high-educated men have a lower chance of impotence. This may be due to their average healthy lifestyle. For that, you can also run a healthy life, to reduce the risk of erectile dysfunction.