Beware the Dangers of Plastic Carpet at Home

The carpet is one of the most sought after when it wants to sit on the floor. The carpet can be any type of carpet; Plastic carpets, feather rugs, and other types of carpets. Plastic carpets and fur rugs are the most common carpets we find in homes. But do you realize that it turns out plastic carpets and fur rugs are very dangerous? The following are some of the dangers of plastic carpets and fur rugs. Plastic carpet is a carpet that very often we meet, it can be bought in the market until the stalls near the house. The price is quite cheap to buy. However, behind it, all turned out plastic carpet is very dangerous for health. In general, plastic carpets have a very attractive pattern and motif, so many children who love playing on this plastic rug. According to a study, plastic carpet is very harmful to health because it is made of basic materials Phthalate and Bisphenol A (BPA). According to, this BPA is the most commonly mixed substance for making plastic mats. The character usually has a very sharp smell. In fact, BPA is now banned in many countries. In fact, in 2011 ago, all countries in Europe have banned the use of this substance.

In addition to used to make carpets, it turns out BPA is also often used to make children’s toys. The disease can be caused by BPA is quite apprehensive because it can cause cancer and inhibit the growth of the child if he is swallowed or touched with the skin directly. The effects of BPA substances are long-term and do not cause problems in the near future. So, unnoticed that plastic rugs threaten your health secretly.

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