Fire and Safety Education a Must for Everybody

In Calgary marketing and safety education should be imparted to all as a matter of precaution. Fire outbreaks could threaten life and destroy property in a matter of minutes be it at school, in a factory, at home or anywhere you can think of. For a start, you should understand how a fire extinguisher works.

Another obvious reason for the same is that; education of fire and safety equips you with basic skills and approach to handle such a situation. For example, rather than run around frantically, people caught in a fire should keep calm. In so doing, a stampede is avoided. You will notice that some schools and organizations carry out mock drills where students/ staff are told how to;

1. Evacuate the building in an orderly fashion
2. Maintain a calm atmosphere during the fire
3. Protect and help oneself as well as colleagues injured vis a vis first aid.
4. Use fire fighting equipment effectively.